Panagbenga Festival – Baguio

Panagbenga Festival
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Panagbenga Festival or what is also known as the Baguio Flower Festival is one of the biggest and the most spectacular event that is celebrated in the Philippines. This festival, which is held annually during the month of February is one of Baguio’s way of celebrating the abundance of lovely flowers in there place, it is also their way of showcasing the rich culture that their city has.

Panagbenga Festival
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The world Panagbenga is a local term that means the season of blooming, which is very opt for the type of celebration that it is. Different varieties of colorful and fragrant flowers are arranged in creative ways are being featured during this event. There are also flower exhibits, lively street dancing, garden tours and other merriment that takes place during the celebration.

The extravagance of this festival is anticipated by people from different parts of the world. A lot of tourists from different countries come to see the magnificence of the flower floats that are displayed on the procession.

This wonderful festival is almost a month-long celebration, with the highlights occurring during the weekends. Panagbenga features grand flower floats that are all creatively and delicately designed by the locals, there are also a lot of native dances that are showcased during the event.

Panagbenga Festival
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Being the biggest festival of the city, the locals, arranges different kinds of events that would make every celebration colorful and memorable. Aside from the much awaited flower float parade that could be witnessed in the Session Road and the Burnham Park, there are also other activities that could be witnessed during the month-long celebration. There is the Ms. Baguio Flower Festival pageant, FM Panagbenga Pop Fiesta, a Skateboard competition as well as an exhibit of glamorous dolls from Japan.


As part of their way of showcasing their rich cultural heritage, they also have Cañao dance performances that are usually presented to start the event. The  Cañao is one of the prized local dances of the place that is usually performed during special occasions.

This event would definitely bring a wonderful experience to your senses. Your olfactory senses would surely celebrate because of the fragrance of the flowers that would fill the air for almost and entire month, and of course, your eyes would surely be satisfied with all the beauty, color and amazing scenes that you would be able to witness in this grand and spectacular occasion.

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