Holidays on December 2012

Perhaps the most joyful month of all, December is also a month wherein various Holidays are being celebrated.

During December, you will see that undeniable positivity of every person you encounter.

People always have this positive demeanor when December arrives. They see hope even if the year is about to end. Thus, they can always start anew.


There is one occasion in December that many people are looking forward to and that is Christmas.

Filipinos celebrate Christmas in four months. Exaggerated and impossible as it may seem, but only in the Philippines will you find people playing Christmas songs and start decorating their houses with lanterns and other Christmas adornments at the start of the “Ber” months.

Filipinos are also being reminded of their traditions through the various activities that are being observed during Christmas.

The “Simbang Gabi” or the Night Mass usually starts at the 16th day of December and will end on the night of Christmas. For nine days, Filipinos attend mass at dawn. After the mass, they help themselves with Christmas foods such as “bibingka” or rice cake, and the famous “puto bumbong” or a rice delicacy cooked in bamboo tubes.

This is usually a time wherein family members get together to celebrate perhaps the happiest occasion of the year.

Filipinos love to eat and during Christmas, Filipinos exert effort to make their Christmas more special through sumptuous and mouth-watering Filipino dishes such as “Lechon” or roasted pig, embutido, morcon, and desserts such as “suman” or rice cake wrapped in coconut leaves, leche flan or egg custard, and of course, the “Ube Halaya” which is made from boiled and grated purple yam.

Christmas carolers are also expected. So when someone knocks on your door and you see a group of children signing “Jingle Bells” and other famous Christmas songs, make sure you have coins in your pockets.


Rizal Monument
Photo Credits to Carl James

He was the person who fought peacefully with the power of the pen. He was the hero who had contributed immensely to the awakening of the Filipinos to fight for their rights and get that elusive freedom from the Spaniards. His works also helped other countries. His bravery and courage inspired many that he became the National Hero of the Philippines. He is no other than Dr. Jose Rizal whose birth on December 30 is also being celebrated by the whole nation.


New Year’s Eve
Photo Credits to dining delight

The year is about to end. And what better way to welcome the New Year than with a bang. This is usually being celebrated with overflowing of dishes enough for the whole community, fireworks and other noise-making materials.

Filipinos are hopeful every time the New Year occurs. They see it as an avenue to forget the pass and change for the better. And expect that when the clock strikes at 12AM, there will be cheers and noises all around which is a sign that everyone is prepared to welcome the New Year with a fresh start.

To sum it up:

December 24, Monday – (special non-working day by virtue of Proclamation 361, s. 2012)

December 25, Tuesday – Christmas Day (regular holiday)

December 30, Sunday – Rizal Day (regular holiday)

December 31, Monday – Last Day of the Year (special non-working day)




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