Patar Beach

Try a very tropical accommodation and sleep in a room made of thatched palm leaves and bamboo at the Patar Beach in Pangasinan, Philippines. Amidst the low-key getaway and limited tourism infrastructure and development, the place is rich with historical backgrounds- the beach site is a chief landing location during the World War II and initiation point for major operations of the Liberation Forces.

Couples and guests could take a walk at the stretched of white sand in a laid-back atmosphere. Sports enthusiast could make actions near a relaxing clear water beach and pools. And individuals with high regards to rustic views can take a walk to remember going to the lighthouse-the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse built by the Americans before the war in1903.
At Patar Beach, you can delight yourself by fishing adventure the whole day, caving, visiting the Bolinao Museum and visita iglesia (church visit) at the local rustic churches.

Getting there is easy! Board a coach heading Bolinao City. Buses are available from manila to the province of Pangasinan. Take Dagupan Bus, Five Star and Victory Liner. Private vehicles may take the North Luzon Express Way following the signposts Alaminos, Bani and a turning point to Bolino. Patar Beach trip takes four hours and 30 minutes of your travel time.

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