Amanpulo, Pamalican Island, Palawan

When locals in an island say that their island is “peaceful”, they do not say this just to brag. Taken from the Sanskrit word for peace, “aman”, and the Filipino word for island, “pulo”, the Amanpulo in Pamalican Island in Palawan is a haven for people who yearn for relaxation.
Opened in 1993, even up to this date, the island continues to attract tourists who are looking for something new and exciting.

Palawan has made a mark internationally with its many world-renowned sites, proving that the Philippines is indeed blessed with many of nature’s gifts that mankind is still enjoying.


The island is a private island but it is still ready to be a temporary home for travellers who are looking for a way to witness for their very eyes the splendour of the tropical island with its crystal clear waters, white sand, and coral reefs which is a proof of the island’s well-preserved, rich and vibrant marine life.

For any typical beach lovers, just as long as they can spend hours frolicking in the sun and the beach, that will do for them. But with an island that offers turquoise waters, coral reefs that can really catch one’s interest, and white sand that is perfect for building sand castles, beach lovers could not ask for more.

There are also other activities that could keep guests busy while still enjoying the many offers of Amanpulo. Water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, fishing, boat trips and many more that could really add up to your perception of the island’s beauty and  the sense of peace that it offers to many tourists, both local and abroad.

There are still many people who prefer the sense of tranquillity that nature gives them. Instead of renting rooms in hotels and resorts, many tourists prefer to camp in the beach with the splashing of the waves putting them to sleep.

It is the perfect place to just relax and not think about anything serious that could add up to the stresses and the problems you are undergoing. Let your mind be blown away by the many picturesque views that make up Amanpulo and to just contemplate on the beauty that undoubtedly only a Mighty Hand could make.


When it comes to hotel accommodations, the resorts and hotels in the Philippines can still compete with the international ones. Tourists can definitely enjoy their stay in any hotels and resorts in Palawan because Filipinos really known how to make their guests feel at home. This is the Filipino hospitality that no other nationalities can ever copy.

Amanpulo in Pamalican Island, Palawan is not like any island out there. It has its own characteristics that make it unique and appealing to many tourists. Not only that, the island welcomes anyone who wants to reconnect with nature to provide peace and balance in his life with its natural beauty and the peace that one gets even if he is just staring at the bluish green sea or witnessing the sunset.


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